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My Business Philosophy

Thank you for visiting my website. I’d like to share my Business Philosophy with you. If I sound like the type of person that fits your values, you can contact me at a special number I’ll give you or you can send me an email. 

My business works on a referral basis and I believe it’s in your best interest that my business grows by your referral. The reason it’s an advantage to you is that I must do what I say I’m going to do and finish everything I start. If I don’t, you won’t refer me and my business will die. 

My philosophy is simple: I invest most of my time with my current clients, while most other agents are busy looking for new clients.
I’ve designed my business to create an experience you enjoy so much you’ll want others to know about it. It’s like riding in a limosine vs. a taxi; both vehicles take you to the destination but you’ll have a very different experience in a limosine vs. a taxi. The great thing is, I can give you the limo ride for the same price as a taxi. 

If you want a real estate consultant who will treat your money like it’s his own and will represent your best interests in every action, I may be the person. If you decide you’d like to meet in person, you’ll still have the following options: do it on your own; work with a “traditional” agent (there are hundreds of them out there); or you can work with me. When we talk I will outline your choices and, if you need it, advise you in what I think is in your best interest.

You can call me at  419-947-4004, or you can email me at

I appreciate your spending this time to find out a little more about me. Thanks for your visit.