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Spring is FINALLY here in Morrow County

Spring is FINALLY here in Morrow County 
For most Morrow County home owners it’s an exciting time to get your home ready, especially if you are going to sell!  In the winter time, many portions of your home are neglected or are not used as often.  From the interiors of your home to the exterior, getting your Morrow County home ready for spring will ensure you’ll be ready to enjoy the warmer weather once it arrives for good!
Start On Your Exterior: The outside of your home has taken more wear and tear from the harsh winter, than the interior so start here.  Walk around your home and examine caulking around windows and doors, as well as open windows and doors and look at weather stripping.  Replace old or cracking caulk and replace weather stripping.  Inspect the roof for broken or missing shingles, or tiles, and clean out gutters and downspouts at the same time.
Landscaping Tips:  While it may not be time for you to start planting flowers and watering your lawn just yet, it isn’t too early to ensure you will have ready your garden hoses, walkways, and adjacent areas to your landscaping.  Replace old or cracked garden hoses, and rake away leaves, tree limbs and debris from sidewalks, plant beds and surrounding areas.  Once you no longer have snow in the forecast you can start planning out your spring landscaping ideas and lawn care maintenance.  Pressure wash concrete areas that have become dirty and power wash vinyl siding, brick walls and vertical surfaces on your home if needed.
Check Your Interior Systems:  Fall and Spring are the two most important times to review your home’s HVAC – heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems.  Ensure air filters have been replaced or cleaned and stock up on new air filters if you use disposable one.  Check your air conditioner before the summer to ensure it is in good working order. If you need to have a service person look at it now, it will be a lot less expensive than 3 months from now.
Interior Spring Cleaning:  By now your windows, both inside and out, could use a cleaning.  You will be surprised how much you can see out your windows once they are cleaning.  Clean off ceiling fans and clean out fireplaces from use over the winter.  Test your emergency systems in your home:  home alarm, smoke fire alarm, fire extinguisher, and carbon monoxide alarms to ensure they are working properly.  Most homeowners forget to test these regularly.
Your Morrow County Home goes through a lot changes as it ages, and climatic conditions change.  Spring maintenance is a good idea for everyone, and even more important if you’re considering putting your home on the market soon.  Home buyers want to ensure that all systems have been well attended and taken care of before buying a home.  So what are you waiting for?  Get started now before the warm weather arrives to stay!

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