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Spring Is Right Around The Corner In Morrow County!

Spring Is Right Around The Corner!
Each year, as the winter weather turns into beautiful springtime, some people use that time to give their homes a deep clean.  However, many people become more busy as the weather gets warmer and cleaning your home can take time that you just don’t have.  Even the smallest tasks can leave your home in Morrow County looking ten times better.  Here are some spring cleaning tips for every homeowner to keep in mind:
Make A List
Create a list of everything that needs to be cleaned, and place them in order of importance.  This will help you prioritize between the things that need to be cleaned right away, and bigger projects that can wait until you have more time and help to complete them.
Get Help From Your Family
Make a game of your cleaning priorities.  If the kids’ bedrooms are on your list of priorities, include them in your quest for a clean home.  Offer up a prize to the child whose room is the cleanest in the end.  Or, you can offer a reward after all of the cleaning is done, like a trip to get ice cream.
The kitchen is the easiest place where you can multitask.  While you are waiting for your coffee to brew in the morning, clean out a few kitchen drawers.  Additionally, while you are waiting for dinner to finish cooking, you can organize the pantry and throw out expired items as you go.
De-cluttering your home before you give it a deep clean will help you in the long run.  There is nothing worse than trying to clean around a bunch of junk that you really don’t need.  Separate those things you don’t need into piles, one for donations and one for trash.
Have The Right Tools
Make sure you have the correct cleaning supplies that will help you along the way.  If you try to dust the shelves in your living room without a duster or dusting spray, the results wont be as good as they would if you had those things.
Cleaning your home doesn’t have to take you days, in most cases it should only take a few hours.  The smallest tasks can make your home look like new and give you a huge sense of accomplishment for keeping everything tidy on your busy schedule.

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