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Staging The Laundry Room In Your Morrow County Home For Sale

How To Properly Stage Your Laundry Room
Are you preparing your Morrow County home for sale?  If so, don’t forget your laundry room.  By using these ten easy tips, your laundry room will stand out among the rest!
Clean It:  This is the best thing you can do for any area of your house.  Scrub neglected areas, including the floor and baseboards.  If you have a window, don’t forget to make it sparkle.
Paint It:  If the walls have been neglected,  consider a fresh coat of paint.  Keep it simple, though.  Wait until you move into your new home to experiment with fuchsia or bright pink.
Edit:  You’ll be doing this soon, so get started by throwing out unused or outdated cleaning supplies (recycle).  Do the same for anything else you have in the room that doesn’t need to be there.
Light it up:  Fluorescent lighting flatters no one, even your laundry room.  Help break it up with under cabinet lighting or a small lamp.
Dress Up Your Cabinets with new door pulls:  We all like our bling no matter where we find it.
Add Color:  What I usually see in utility rooms-all white walls, fluorescent lights, white appliances, and white cabinets.  Boring! Add a touch of color, just as you would in any other area of your home.
For example:  A large colorful glass jar filled with your laundry detergent.
Add life:  You can add a healthy plant, or if your thumb isn’t very green, add a (not plastic) single orchid.
Baskets:  Baskets hide a multitude of sins, and they’re inexpensive and reusable.  It’s much nicer, when your buyers poke their heads in to see neatly placed woven baskets, rather than the ubiquitous plastic laundry baskets.
Add ART:  Who says art belongs in certain rooms.  Cheer up a room with some art on a wall, or if you have an empty shelf, place a favorite piece of art there.
No airing of your laundry in public:  Be diligent about folding and putting away your laundry and avoid having your dirty laundry piled on your washer and dryer for showings!

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