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Simple Home Improvements To Help Sell Your Home

Simple Home Improvements To Help Sell Your Home
When you are getting ready to sell your Morrow County home, there are some minor improvements that can be very persuasive when it comes to seducing the buyer.  For the most part, the following improvements are simple and inexpensive:
Get A New Doormat
It’s one of the first things a buyer sees when they enter your home.  A doormat is an indication that you care about keeping dirt out of your home.
Do A Thorough Cleaning
It should go without saying, but dust bunnies and dirty windows are going to be turnoffs to most buyers.  They are looking to buy a “new” house.  It’s worth hiring a service to clean the carpet and remove stains.
Update The Bath
If your toilet seat is worn, stained or dated, put in a new one.  It doesn’t cost that much but a little time.  Replace the shower curtain and liner and recaulk around the tub.  These inexpensive improvements will spare prospective buyers the view of your mildew and will gain major points with the potential buyers.
Improve The Lighting
Everyone loves light, so make sure curtains are open to let as much natural light in as possible.  Replace missing or dim light bulbs too but be sure to use only bulbs and wattages that are recommended for your fixtures.
Clear Clutter
Get serious about throwing out or donating stuff you don’t need.  Closets should show a foot or two of unused closet rod, and shelves should also offer unused space.  Remove unnecessary furniture from rooms.  Pack up your knick-knacks.
Paint Over Reckless Color Choices
If your bedroom is purple and your living room is orange…cover it up with something more neutral!  Even if your house is already painted in neutral colors, consider repainting for a fresh look.  Nothing makes rooms look new like a fresh coat of paint, and it is one of the most affordable ways to update your home. 

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